Darlys Ewoldt is a metalsmith and sculptor who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Darlys has had an impressive career in the visual arts, and her works are well-crafted, colorful, and inspired by the natural world. Due to Covid-19, The Anderson Gallery and Drake University are closed until February 1, 2021. We are using this time to highlight Drake Alums who are making art and impacting their communities, and we are thankful for Darlys for sharing her work and process with us.

Darlys Ewoldt in her studio in Chicago, Illinois


Darlys Ewoldt was born and raised in rural Iowa. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. Ewoldt lives and works in Chicago, and her work has been included in numerous exhibitions and collections. She has been the recipient of multiple grants and awards, including Ford Foundation Fellowship and Project Grants, three Fellowship Grants from the Illinois Arts Council, Projects Grants from the Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation, the George Sugarman Foundation, the city of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, and the Governor James R. Thompson Award for Excellence in Craft.


Fragments of memories, or words that resonate and stay within my mind converge with observations of the physical world during the course of my creative process. Poetic forms and mutations found in nature are sources of inspiration. I enjoy the visual experience of diverse landscapes and the transitions of the seasons. My work is intimate in both scale and intention. Interior spaces and being drawn visually and conceptually into the heart of a form is intriguing to me. I intend to subtly suggest images that might evoke a feeling of discovery, memory, or contemplation in the observer. By using metals including copper, brass, silver, steel, and bronze, 3-Dimensional forms can be realized through hammering and fabrication processes. Surface coloration is achieved via chemical patination procedures.