Kevin Callahan is graduate of Drake University where he studied painting under Jules Kirschenbaum. He now creates works in a variety of media, which include painting, sculpture, photography, crafts, and writing. Kevin studied with world renown Israeli artist Larry Abramson at a Painting Intensive at the San Francisco Art Institute and worked under Phil Hanson and Michelle Grabner at the Ox-Bow School of the Art Institute Chicago. Kevin’s award-winning art hangs in collections throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Israel. He currently works and resides with my wife in Parkville, Missouri, where they run The Elegant Line Gallery. Both of their sons are accomplished artists. His philosophy is simple: Composition, Story, Elegant Line. If you find the elegant line, your work will be lyrical. Check out Kevin’s website and support and follow his work


My acrylic paintings carry overtones reminiscent of both Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton, but they are most often compared to Alex Katz. My work exhibits a slightly primitive look reminding the viewer of the relationship between the camera/canvas/painter/subject. Working from digital images, I capture subjects often unaware in a moment of space and time This invasion/observation offers a very personal connection between the viewer, the artist, and the subject. My work reveals everyday acts yet hints at mysterious unknowns. Individually each work offers a view of intriguing subjects, caught in a moment of time. As a body of work, they capture the essence of the subject in a kaleidoscope of color and movement.