November 7, 2019 – February 20, 2020

Curated by Lenore Metrick-Chen

The artists in Visual Disobedience respond to the current state of affairs in our culture. Their artworks are a form of concentrated awareness. The saying that “visual artists make the invisible visible” proves true in this exhibition: the artists allow us to see relationships between mandates handed down by our governing system and the results on human beings. These relationships would otherwise be invisible abstractions: the mandate and the result widely separated by time and distance. Artworks included in the exhibit raise questions and propose new ideas, and at times they create desirable alternatives to present circumstances.

Artists showcased in this exhibition include Miriam Alarcon Avila, Paul Brenin, Drew Cameron & Combat Paper, Phillip Chen, Tom Christison, Zen Cohen, David Dunlap, Mira Engler, John Fender, Donté K. Hayes, Serena Illuminati, Edward V. Kelley, Emily Newman, M. Ryan Noble, Mitchell Squire, Rob Stephens, and Taylor Yocom.

Visual Disobedience instagram PR image  Handle_1 - Donte Hayes  Miriam Alarcon Avila -Daca Luchador-0837

Selected images: Handle by Donté K. Hayes and Daca Luchador by Miriam Alarcon Avila