Carissa Dannen, Sam, Drawing/Works on Paper
Caylee Gallagher, Canard Inverse, Drawing/Works on Paper
Rachel Chavin Trance, Drawing/Works on Paper
Rachel Chavin, Maternal Bruise, Printmaking
Madelene Opar, Waltz of the Macabre, Printmaking
Alison Kuttler, Toasted, Sculpture
Sarah Ghaussy, Untitled One, Sculpture
Sarah Ghaussy, Untitled 2, Sculpture
Hannah Hawbaker, Bless Your Heart Sculpture
Hannah Hawbaker, Untitled, Sculpture
Celine Lie, Rest In Peace, Drawing/Works on Paper
Terissa Brininger, Self-Portrait Collage, Drawing/Works on Paper
Ingrid McNeely, River Crossing, Painting/Sculpture
Katie Segler, Anomaly, Printmaking
Lindsey Andrea No Evil, Drawing/Works on Paper
Lindsey Andrea, LINZ, Drawing/Works on Paper
Lindsey Andrea, Abstract, Drawing/Works on Paper
Ashley Wildman, Evolution, Sculpture
Madison Kelly, Drake Magazine, Graphic Design
Morgan Stuedemann, Invasion, Drawing/Works on Paper
Morgan Stuedemann, Sisters, Painting
Saylor Schwab, The Magician, Drawing/Works on Paper
Anna Gleason, Bike DSM, Video
Emily Albers, Antelope Canyon, Graphic Design
Carlye Patterson, Wyatt, Painting
Carlye Patterson, Athena, Painting
Carlye Patterson, Jerichoe, Printmaking
Sara Jensen, Unknown, Printmaking
Marissa Hernandez, Phosphorescence, Painting
Madison Willey, Perspective, Printmaking
Alex Peake, Untitled 1, Printmaking

Gallery Hours and Times
To pick up work not accepted (Any work left after last date/time listed below might get lost!) Deliver accepted work from STAH (Must be in the gallery by last date/time listed below!)

Tuesday, February 26, 1:30 – 4pm
Wednesday, February 27, 1 – 4pm
Friday, March 1, 12 – 4
Saturday, March 2, 12 – 4

Thanks to all who participated!