Congratulations to all the Drake University students who had artwork accepted into the 47th Annual Juried Student Exhibition!  Thank you to juror Matt Coen for being a part of our exhibition and for sharing his insights with us.  It’s going to be a great show!

Opening Reception Sunday, March 25, 1-3pm!

Here’s the full list of accepted artworks:

Lindsey Andrea                       Untitled painting

Sarai Bak                                 “PARALLAX: Friends and Lovers”

Sarai Bak                                 “расстояние”

Sarai Bak                                 “бессмертный”

Cassandra Bauer                     “Outlook”

Cassandra Bauer                     ”Artist in Residence: Cait Irwin”

Cassandra Bauer                     “Hand in Charcoal”

Cassandra Bauer                     “Layers”

Rachel Chavin                         “Amendment of Moroccan Article 475”

Rachel Chavin                         “Epidemic”

Rachel Chavin                         “Life Development”

Maddi Cheek                           “Sarah x 64”

Margaret Clapham                 “Sun & Moon”

Robert Clark                            Untitled graphic design

Calla Clemenson                     “Kraken”

Calla Clemenson                     Untitled sculpture (wood, wood stain)

Clio Cullison                            “home”

Clio Cullison                            Untitled printmaking

Clio Cullison                            Untitled printmaking

Monica Donham                     “Figure #2”

Madison Frey                          “State of the Union”

Sadie Gowans                         “How Far We’ve Come”

Sadie Gowans                         Untitled drawing

Hannah Hawbaker                  “Siren”

Hannah Hawbaker                  “Heirloom II”

Olivia Hockey                          “Unbought and Unbossed”

Olivia Hockey                          Untitled painting

Olivia Hockey                          Untitled drawing

Chloe Janich                            “Legs”

Chloe Janich                            “Color Craze”

Sara Jensen                             “Lydia Jensen”

Sara Jensen                             “Bike to the Moon and Back”

Madison Kelly                         “What’s Going on?”

Madison Kelly                         “The Invertebrates”

Celine Lie                                “Flag of Me”

Celine Lie                                “Llama yarn GIF”

Yee Kwan Lim                         Untitled printmaking

Yee Kwan Lim                         “Fantastic Worlds”

Yee Kwan Lim                         “If”

Melissa McElin                       “Balloon GIF”

Jordan McEntaffer                  “Montserrat Type Specimen Book”

Jordan McEntaffer                  “Portfolio Trading Cards”

Jordan McEntaffer                  “Juxtaposed Cliches”

Ingrid McNeely                       “Salamander Mountain”

Erin Opar                                 “The Apennine Colossus”

Erin Opar                                 “Jellyfish Mirage”

Erin Opar                                 “365 (Or, The Meaning of Life)”

Nicole Prancik                         “Headspace”

Nicole Prancik                         “Sound of the Night”

Ellyn Ross                                Untitled Sculpture (steel rod)

Ellyn Ross                                Untitled Sculpture (steel rod & wood)

Katie Segler                            “Recognize”

Katie Segler                            “Facade”

Anna Shewmaker                   “Event Invite”

Anna Shewmaker                   Untitled graphic design

Madeline Snell                        “Geometric Growth”

Morgan Stuedemann              “Thoughts and Dreams”

Maddie Willey                        “Semester l”

Maddie Willey                         “A Day at the Beach”

Maddie Willey                        “Lion GIF”

Olivia Young                            “Unlocked”

Olivia Young                            “Bumble Buds”

Hannah Zuber                         “Quiet Rebellion”

Hannah Zuber                         “Untitled 1”

Hannah Zuber                         “City Girl”