Opening Friday, Sept. 22, 2017!

The Anderson Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of APPARATUS: The Technology of Seeing / Worldviews, curated by Drake University’s Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen, Professor of Art History, on view September 22 through October  22, 2017.

“The exhibition features 7 different styles of art,” says Dr. Metrick-Chen.  “Each style is shown to be part of the cultural apparatus linking people to power. Every culture’s apparatus is comprised of objects and people and the relationships between them, forming hierarchies of power.  The organization of the apparatus determines a culture’s particular worldview, its way of seeing the world. This exhibition provides the experience of walking through 7 different ways of seeing and understanding the world.”

APPARATUS will feature artwork and highlight technologies from the Gothic period, the Yoruba people in Nigeria, the Renaissance, the early Qing Dynasty in China, the Western European 19th century, Minimalism in the US (1960s), and our own time period. The technology of the computer in our own time extends into future possibilities through the inclusion of Tilt Brush, a new and little explored way to paint in 3D using virtual reality.


This exhibition is a reminder that people see in different ways, that seeing is culturally influenced and that how we see is in part a consequence of our culture. Only by seeing alternatives do we see our own culture more clearly. And that is the only way we can expand our way of seeing and increase our humanity.